Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) is a premier IT B-School located in India's most futuristic IT city, Pune, at Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjewadi. SCIT sparkles under the umbrella of Symbiosis International University. With one of its kind curriculum, it has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer in IT Business Management.

Accredited with grade A*** at the state level and grade A** at national level, SCIT's MBA-ITBM programme has been covering the entire spectrum of 'Information Technology' and 'Business.' Symbiosis has been imparting quality education in India for 30 years and as a jewel in the crown of this mighty family, SCIT has outshone by going beyond the realms of a rigid MBA programme. It is committed to guide IT professionals in such a manner that they become the most sought after managers.

Graffiti is the annual techno-managerial fest held at the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology. The two day annual event to be held on January 23 & 24, 2016 invites students from various technical and business institutions across India to participate in an array of exciting competitions.

It blends various aspects of business and technology in an absolutely splendid manner. The exceptional participation that we receive from the students of the much renowned B-school is a testimony to the grandeur of the event. To add to the glory we have had incredible response from prominent corporate houses. Captivating discussions ensures that people with myriad viewpoints interact! Graffiti '16 brings to you yet another intriguing theme of CRUZADO - Its All About Money.

It is said that change is inevitable, but progress is optional. The uncertainty of tomorrow is what keeps people motivated and gives them a reason to get back in the game with a new strategy every time. Pronounced metamorphosis and refinement through varying tides are the drivers of growth in the helm of this new era of radical and invigorate thinking. As the saying goes "Don't just cook the dish, serve it right!" Management today does not simply end at cooking up the best dish for the right connoisseur. Consulting no more ends at suggestions. One is expected to implement those as well!

Our life is a big proverbial coin toss. When you're ever in doubt or can't make a decision, all you need to do is flip a coin, not to leave your life to chance but because in the brief moment when coin is in the air, you'll realize which side you hope the coin to land on. In the end, truly successful decision making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking. As the pace of technological innovation picks up, so does that of management innovation. Keeping up with the changes in technology and adapting to the socio political and economic dynamics of not just your immediate milieu but the entire globe is the need of the hour. As life unfolds, it gives you the chance to explore new horizons. Graffiti'16 consists of a potpourri of technical and management events that combine learning and fun. We, as a fraternity, are set to embrace the magic of the moment as it is time for us to ride the big waves and emerge successful.

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